Everest Portable Ultimate Edition 5.50

Diagnosis and benchmark your desktop with this software that provides low level hardware information

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    Analysis & Optimization

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    Ultimate Edition 5.50

  • Works under:

    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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  • Program license:Trial version
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    5.8 (47)

Everest Portable analyze all the components in your computer system. The program has been discontinued, but the unsupported operating systems still provide a wealth of information. The program it replaced is called Aida64 Extreme. So, if you're looking for the updated program you should download the newly revised version of Everest Portable. Everest Portable provides a large amount of information about the components on your system, which can help you diagnose hardware problems, find new hardware to replace existing hardware and you software drivers installed on your computer. It acts the same way as windows built in hardware viewer, but provides several advanced options to make working with the data easier.

When you first launch the program, you'll see several menus at the top of the screen. Each of the menus is designed to make the program and the data little bit easier. For example, the favorites menu allows you to keep bookmarks on the hardware information that you need most often. This software provides an excellent portable tool for tech support technicians that may need additional functionality beyond the built-in tools provided by Windows. One nice feature of this program is its ability let you see what processes are using the most processing power. This can help you diagnose issues with the computer and even determine if keyloggers or viruses have been installed on the system.

When you select one of the hardware components in the list, a screen appears that shows you additional information about the hardware including the model number, the date manufactured, and the version information. All this information can be useful when attempting to diagnose software driver issues and locate the manufacturer of certain components. The wizard allows you to search through the entire system. It also lets you limit your search to only hardware, programs or create a customized profile to show specific information about your system. The program also allows you to change basic settings about how the hardware responds.

One of the best features of this program is the system stability test. This test allows you to stress the CPU, FPU, cache, system memory and even the hard drive. Keep in mind that if you have an SSD drive, you should avoid stressing though since it can prematurely destroy your drive. The utility also shows the temperatures, how fast the cooling fans are working, voltages, and other statistics that are useful for diagnosing hardware. The utility reports how much battery life there is on your device. It also lets you know when the test started and how long the test has been running.


  • Portable utility that allows you to test virtually every aspect of your hardware.
  • Lightweight program that doesn't require a lot of system resources.


  • Utility is no longer supported and has been replaced by a new utility.
  • May not provide support for the latest hardware.

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